Art exhibition


Jesper Bror PalmqvistBorn 1996, Bjursås, Dalarna

In my practice, I work with identity as a form of therapy. Undefinable and queer identities interest me and I investigate how these identities are conditioned in society through aesthetics, materiality and narrative structures. I start with my own biography and let relationships, structures and systems I encounter move between the private and the public in my art. 

Through different media such as painting, film, installation and sculpture, I look for loopholes to escape the heterosexual and white logic that dominates the public. In my work, I place great emphasis on material selection and tonality. I take objects, scenes, folklore, and documents loaded with their own history from my surroundings and let my additions form another layer. The conceptual and the intuitive are included here as two elements that complement and inform each other. Distributing a story over several layers gives my works an opportunity to create their own language with the viewer and thereby supersede judgments. 


Berto Lee is a Swedish visual artist born in Chile. He explores the queer environment by photographing intimate encounters – up close and personal landscapes where emotions are in focus. The exhibition takes you from the quietly private to extrovert political activism portrayed through photojournalistic demonstrations. Through his imagery, Berto wants to take participants on a journey through warmth, distance, joy, sadness, sexual desire, and aversion; there are no boundaries between reality and the imaginary.

 Over the past 12 years, Berto has lived and worked all over the world with Barcelona and Berlin as his primary sources of inspiration. In Berlin, he also carried out a transformative internship with Fredrik Altinell as part of his training in photo art at Fridhems Folkhögskola.

 Throughout life, he has met people who have made an emotional imprint on him and built an expansive archive of portraits, documentary snapshots, and photojournalism in which he has sought to expose the essence of individual.